Serenity H20 Massage Systems provides state of the art, quality, and easy to maintain equipment backed by incomparable customer service and provide a unique hydrotherapy massage system for home or business. The Health, Beauty and Leisure industry is one of today’s fastest growing industries with spectacular business opportunities. People today strive to look and feel good and Serenity H20 aim to deliver this to our clients, providing overall health and positive wellbeing to the public.

Serenity H20 are a family run business based in the North East of England. The business was inspired after travel to the United States and witnessing first-hand the benefits and interest in these Hydro Massage Systems. Identifying a gap in the market for a product of this nature in the UK, we decided to branch out of our comfort zone and try a completely new business venture in the Health and Wellness industry.


Serenity H20 would like our clients to understand why we have chosen to invest our time and money into this product and industry, hoping to provide some insight into how our business came about. At some point or another everyone is affected by Mental Health issues, it is becoming one of the worlds most talked about subjects, and these issues are significantly on the rise in the UK. Our team like so many others have been affected by this, and our passion for providing solutions has led us to building Serenity H20. One member of our team in particular, has witnessed through many different career paths, just how beneficial this product could be to multiple industries:


“Throughout my 29 years on this planet I have always before all else put other people before myself. I tried several different jobs before eventually finding my passion working for Serenity H20. I never really stuck at a career, I could never find something I was genuinely interested in or passionate about and changed career paths more times then I can count. Somehow though, through every job I had, I was involved and working with people. I started off in the Beauty industry in a Hair salon at the age of 15, working to support myself through University and Sixth form. I loved the feeling of making other people feel great about themselves, this then led me on to carry out my Nursing Training. It felt extremely rewarding caring for people and improving their physical and mental health each day. I witnessed first-hand what a lack of resources our NHS had and felt like no matter what I did or how many hours I worked; it wasn’t enough. For several reasons, I decided to go down a new path, and became a Primary School Teacher. This was by far the most rewarding and amazing job I have ever been in; I had a genuine passion for working with children who have Special Educational Needs (SEN). Again though, I found it difficult witnessing our education system and funding dwindling for our children and our future generations and decided to take the leap into the Business world, supporting Serenity H20. Through my various roles working with the public I can genuinely envision the positive impact this product could have on our society. I feel this product could make such a difference to the beauty, fitness, education and medical industry, and in turn improve our economy through business opportunity. Like so many others I myself now understand how important it is that we look after our minds and bodies, which is why I am so passionate about the opportunities Serenity H20 can provide. Not only do I think this is a fabulous business opportunity, I truly believe this product could have a positive impact on the physical, mental and emotional health of our population.”